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The era of flying robots is here. There are now two main types of these fantastic machines: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPV).

The main difference between UAVs and RPVs is that computers solely control UAVs, while RPVs still require human assistance. UAVs are programmed in advance and cannot deviate from their set course. On the other hand, RPVs offer more flexibility since a human operator can pilot them.

Both have their benefits and drawbacks that make them ideal for different tasks.

What Is UAV?


An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft without a human pilot on board and a type of drone. UAVs are controlled either autonomously by onboard computers or via remote control by a ground-based operator, who monitors the progress and safety of the flight.

What Is RPV?


A remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) is an uncrewed aircraft controlled remotely by a human operator, usually located on the ground.

Comparison Between UAV And RPV

what is UAV

Purpose: UAVs are typically used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions but can also be armed with missiles or bombs to carry out attacks. RPVs are also used for surveillance and reconnaissance but are not typically armed due to their lower cost and simplicity.

The Motor Used: UAVs typically use electric motors, while RPVs can use either electric or gasoline-powered engines.

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Pilot: UAVs do not have a human pilot onboard, while RPVs have a human operator who controls the aircraft remotely.

Training: UAVs can be operated by anyone with the necessary training, while RPVs require a special license to use.

Complexity: UAVs are typically more complex than RPVs

Capability: UAVs generally are more capable than RPVs, with longer flight times and more advanced sensors and cameras.

Lifespan: UAVs have a shorter lifespan than RPVs due to their advanced technology.

Weather Affects: UAVs are affected by weather conditions like wind and rain. RPVs are not typically affected by weather conditions.

Ease of Use: UAVs are more difficult to use than RPVs due to their advanced technology.

Wireless Problems: UAVs are more likely to experience wireless problems than RPVs.

Preciseness: UAVs are more precise than RPVs, as they rely on computers to fly autonomously or remotely control. RPVs are not as exact as UAVs because they are piloted by humans, who are not as accurate as machines.

Size: UAVs come in various sizes, from very small drones to large aircraft. RPVs are usually smaller than UAVs, as they do not need to carry a human pilot onboard.

Weight: UAVs typically weigh more than RPVs, as they must carry a human pilot onboard.

Cost: UAVs tend to be more expensive than RPVs due to their advanced technology.

What is RPV


What Is A UAV Drone Pilot?

A UAV drone pilot is a person who flies a crewless aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as a drone. UAV pilots are trained to operate the aircraft and its various systems and to navigate and fly the drone according to aviation regulations.

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Is A UAV An Aircraft?

Yes, a UAV is considered an aircraft. Aircraft are defined as any machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the air’s reactions other than the air against the earth’s surface.

How Long Can A UAV Stay In The Air?

The flight time of a UAV depends on several factors, including;

  • The type of aircraft
  • The weight of the payload
  • The efficiency of the power source

Generally speaking, most UAVs have a flight time between 10 and 30 minutes.

What Are The Types Of UAV?

There are a variety of UAV types, including:

  • Fixed-wing
  • Rotary-wing
  • Quadcopter

Fixed-wing UAVs are typically used for long-distance flights, while rotary-wing and quadcopter UAVs are more commonly used for shorter flights.


The main difference between a UAV and an RPV is that UAVs are more technologically advanced, while an RPV is remote-controlled. While both have advantages and disadvantages, UAVs are generally more popular because they don’t require a pilot.

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