Difference Between Hydraulic Crane And Crawler Crane

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Hydraulic and crawler cranes are heavy-duty machines for lifting and moving large loads. However, there are some differences between these two types of cranes.

What Is Hydraulic Crane?

Hydraulic crane

A hydraulic crane is a crane that uses a fluid to transmit force within the crane. This force is applied through piston rods and cylinders. The advantage of using a hydraulic crane over other types is that it can generate more force than any other type of crane.

What Is Crawler Crane?

what is crawler crane

A crawler crane is a heavy-duty crane that walks on two continuous tracks. These tracks give the crane stability and allow it to carry hefty loads.

Comparison Between Hydraulic Crane And Crawler Crane

what is hydraulic crane

Work System: The working system of a hydraulic crane is based on fluid pressure, while the operating system of a crawler crane is based on a system of winches and pulleys.

Internal System: The main internal component of a hydraulic crane is the piston and cylinder. The oil is stored in the reservoir. The pump pumps it to the cylinder, exerting force on the piston.

The main internal component of a crawler crane is the track. The crawler crane moves by hydraulic motors that drive the way.

Capacity: The capacity of a hydraulic crane is limited by the size of the piston and cylinder. In contrast, the size of the tracks determines a crawler crane.

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Deck Rotation Capacity: The hydraulic crane has a turntable that allows the deck to rotate. The crawler crane does not have a turntable; instead, it has a slewing ring that helps the deck to turn.

Jib Length: A hydraulic crane’s jib is shorter than a crawler crane’s jib.

Power Source: The power source of a hydraulic crane is typically an electric motor. The power source of a crawler crane is usually a diesel engine.

Maneuverable: A crawler crane is more maneuverable than a hydraulic crane. A crawler crane moves around on its tracks, while a hydraulic crane is limited to the area where it can be placed.

Terrain: Crawler cranes can work on all terrain, including rough and uneven ground, while hydraulic cranes are limited to working on level ground.

Ease of Use: The hydraulic crane is easy to use and can be operated by one person. The crawler crane is more challenging and requires two people to handle it.

Durability: Crawler cranes are more durable than hydraulic cranes.

Mobility: Hydraulic cranes are more mobile than crawler cranes. Hydraulic cranes do not have to worry about moving their tracks.

Ease of Maintenance: Crawler cranes are easier to maintain than hydraulic cranes.

Stability: The main advantage of the crawler crane is its stability. The crawler crane has a low center of gravity and a broad base, making it more stable than the hydraulic crane. The hydraulic crane is less stable because it has a higher center of gravity and a narrower base.

Design: Hydraulic cranes are designed for heavy-duty applications, while crawler cranes are designed for lighter-duty applications.

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Work Duration: Hydraulic cranes are typically used for shorter-duration projects, while crawler cranes are often used for longer-term projects.

Appearance: Hydraulic cranes and crawler cranes also differ in appearance. Hydraulic cranes have a more streamlined appearance; on the other hand, crawler cranes have a more rugged appearance.

Height Capacity-Lifting Capacity: Hydraulic cranes have a higher lifting capacity than crawler cranes.

Speed: Hydraulic cranes can move faster than crawler cranes.

Load Capacity: A hydraulic crane’s load capacity is higher than a crawler crane’s.

Ease of Use: Hydraulic cranes are easier to use than crawler cranes. This is because they have a simple design and require less maintenance.

Cost: The cost of a hydraulic crane is higher than that of a crawler crane.

Applications: Hydraulic cranes are typically used in construction and industrial applications. On the other hand, crawler cranes are often used in mining and logging operations.

Crawler crane


What Are The Differences In Appearance Between A Hydraulic Crane And A Crawler Crane?

A hydraulic crane typically has a sleeker, more compact appearance than a crawler crane. Crawler cranes are giant and have a bulky appearance.

Where Can I Find More Information About Hydraulic Cranes And Crawler Cranes?

You can speak to a representative from a crane rental company to learn more about the differences between these two types of cranes. You can also find more information online, through crane trade association websites or other informative websites.


The hydraulic crane and the crawler crane have advantages and disadvantages. So, when deciding which type of crane to use for a project, it’s important to consider the lifting power required, the maneuverability needed, and the project’s duration.

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