Difference Between Altimeter And Barometer

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Barometers and altimeters are both types of atmospheric pressure instruments. Barometers measure the pressure at a given location, while altimeters measure the altitude above a fixed reference point, such as sea level. Barometric pressure changes can indicate weather changes, such as impending storms. Altitude can be affected by factors such as air temperature and humidity, so altimeters can be used to help pilots avoid dangerous weather conditions.

What Is An Altimeter?


An altimeter is an instrument used to measure altitude or the height above a given point. There are three main types of altimeters: barometric, electronic, and radio. Barometric altimeters use a mercury or aneroid barometer to measure atmospheric pressure, which is then converted into an altitude reading. Electronic altimeters use either a pressure sensor or a laser to measure altitude. Radio altimeters use radio waves to measure altitude.

What Is A Barometer?


A barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. There are two main types of barometers: mercury and aneroid. Mercury barometers use a column of mercury to measure atmospheric pressure, while aneroid barometers use a metal disk that expands or contracts in response to changes in pressure. Barometers are used to forecast weather patterns by measuring changes in atmospheric pressure.

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Difference between an Altimeter and a Barometer

  • Function: The barometer is an instrument that measures air pressure. The height of the mercury in the tube indicates the atmospheric pressure. The altimeter, on the other hand, is an instrument that measures altitude. It does this by measuring the pressure of the atmosphere.
  • Working: Both instruments work by measuring the pressure of the atmosphere. The barometer measures the atmospheric pressure at sea level, while the altimeter measures the atmospheric pressure at a given altitude.

what is altimeter

  • Uses: The barometer predicts weather changes, while the altimeter measures altitude.
  • Accuracy: The barometer is more accurate than the altimeter.
  • Pressure: The barometer measures atmospheric pressure in units of millibars, while the altimeter measures atmospheric pressure in units of inches of mercury. The main difference between a barometer and an altimeter is that a barometer measures atmospheric pressure at sea level, while an altimeter measures atmospheric pressure at a given altitude.

Similarities Between Altimeter And Barometer

  1. Both altimeters and barometers are instruments that measure atmospheric pressure.
  2. They both use a mercury-filled tube to do so.
  3. The height of the mercury in the tube is an indication of the atmospheric pressure.

How Does The Barometer Work?

The barometer works by measuring atmospheric pressure. The higher the atmospheric pressure, the better the weather conditions. The lower the atmospheric pressure, the worse the weather conditions.

How Does An Altimeter Work?


An altimeter is an instrument work by  measuring the  altitude. Altimeters can be found in various devices, including airplanes, boats, and hiking equipment. There are two types of altimeters: those that use air pressure to measure altitude and those that use GPS to measure length.

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Can A Barometer Be Used As An Altimeter?

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Yes, a barometer can be used as an altimeter, but it is not ideal for this purpose. A barometer measures air pressure, which can be used to estimate altitude. However, several factors can affect air pressure, making it less accurate than other methods of measuring size.

One major factor that can affect air pressure is the weather. If the weather is changing rapidly, the air pressure will also change. This can make it difficult to accurately measure altitude with a barometer. Another factor that can affect air pressure is the location of the barometer. If the barometer is not at sea level, it will not be able to measure altitude accurately.


What is the difference between a radar altimeter and a barometric altimeter?

Radar altimeters measure the distance between the aircraft and the ground by emitting a pulse of radio waves and timing how long it takes for the waves to bounce back. Barometric altimeters work by measuring changes in air pressure to determine altitude. Both altimeters are affected by weather conditions, but radar altimeters are less affected by turbulence.

What is the difference between an aneroid barometer and a mercury barometer?

Aneroid barometers measure air pressure using a sealed chamber that expands or contracts as the pressure changes. Mercury barometers use a column of mercury that rises or falls as the pressure changes.

What are altimeters and barometers called?

Altimeters are sometimes called pressure altimeters or barometric altimeters. Barometers are sometimes called aneroid barometers or mercury barometers.


The altimeter and the barometer are essential tools used to measure atmospheric pressure, they each have their unique purpose and function. The main difference between the two is that an altimeter measures altitude while a barometer measures air pressure.

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