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Airbus and Boeing are the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. They both produce a wide range of commercial, military, and private aircraft. While their products are similar, the two companies have some key differences.

What Is Airbus?


Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer with a wide range of commercial, military, and freighter aircraft. Boeing is its main competitor.

What Is Boeing?


Boeing is another leading aircraft manufacturer that also produces various commercial, military, and freighter aircraft. Airbus is its main competitor.

Origins Of Airbus

Airbus started out as a consortium of European aerospace companies in 1970. The company was formed to compete with the American aerospace company Boeing. The name “Airbus” is a portmanteau of the words “air” and “bus”.

The first Airbus aircraft was the A300, which made its maiden flight in 1972. The A300 was the first twin-aisle, wide-body aircraft to be produced commercially.

Origins Of Boeing

Boeing was founded by William Edward Boeing in Seattle, Washington on July 15, 1916.  He started the company after building his first successful aircraft, the Model C Trainer, in 1916. After moving his operations to California, he soon became one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. During World War II, Boeing produced a number of military aircraft, including the B-17 Flying Fortress and the B-29 Superfortress.

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Difference Between Airbus And Boeing

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  • Operation: Boeing uses mainly American-made parts, while Airbus relies on a global supplier base.
  • Development: Boeing’s development process is more centralized, while Airbus’ is more decentralized.
  • Management style: Boeing is a top-down management company, while Airbus is a more horizontal organization.
  • Size: Boeing is a much larger company, with almost double the revenue and workforce of Airbus.
  • Interior: Airbus offers a more comfortable and spacious cabin than Boeing.
  • Exterior: Boeing’s 747 is the most recognizable aircraft in the sky, while Airbus’ A380 is the largest passenger plane in operation.
  • Flight decks: Both companies offer advanced digital flight decks, but Airbus’ are generally more user-friendly.
  • Safety: Both companies have excellent safety records, but Airbus has had more crashes recently.
  • Conventional controls: Boeing uses traditional yoke-and-pedal controls, while Airbus uses a sidestick.

Technical differences between Airbus and Boeing

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Airbus aircraft are fly-by-wire, meaning that computer controls handle the majority of flight surfaces. This makes for a more stable and consistent flight experience for passengers. On the other hand, Boeing aircraft are mechanically controlled, leading to a rougher ride.

Airbus uses composite materials in construction, while Boeing relies more on aluminum alloys. This makes Airbus aircraft lighter, more fuel efficient, and more expensive to build. Another critical difference between the two manufacturers is their approach to cabin design. Airbus aircraft have a broader and taller cabin than Boeing aircraft, which gives passengers more space and a more comfortable flying experience.

Similarities Between Airbus And Boeing

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  • Both companies are leading aircraft manufacturers.
  • Both companies produce a wide range of aircraft, from small single-aisle planes to large double-decker jumbo jets
  • Both companies have extensive global networks of suppliers and customers
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Pros And Cons Of Airbus


  • More economical
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Lighter weight
  • Quieter engines


  • Less range
  • Smaller cabin

Pros and cons of Boeing


  • More range
  • Larger cabin


  • Heavier
  • Less fuel

Airbus Best Models

The A320 is a popular choice for low-cost airlines. The A330 and A340 are long-haul choices, while the A380 is the double-decker mega plane that can carry up to 800 passengers.

Boeing’s Best Models

The 737 is a short to medium-range workhorse found in the fleets of most major airlines. The 747 is a long-haul legend, while the 777 and 787 are newer models that are becoming increasingly popular. The787, in particular, is noted for its fuel efficiency.


Who sells more aircraft, Boeing or Airbus?

As both companies are private and do not release their sales figures. However, industry experts believe that Airbus sells more aircraft than Boeing. Airbus has a larger market share in Europe and Asia, while Boeing has a larger market share in North America.


It can be seen that there are several critical differences between Airbus and Boeing. Airbus focuses on producing fuel-efficient aircraft, while Boeing focuses on creating larger aircraft. Secondly, Airbus uses a “building block” approach to its product development, while Boeing takes a more traditional approach. Airbus is a European company, while Boeing is an American company. These differences have helped each company become a leader in its respective market segments.

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