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When it comes to woodworking, a miter saw is an essential tool for making precise and accurate cuts. Choosing the right miter saw can make all the difference in the quality and efficiency of your projects. Two prominent models in this category are the Makita LS0815F and the LS1018. Both of these miter saws are known for their impeccable performance, but they do possess certain distinctive features. This comparison aims to delve into the key differences and similarities between the Makita LS0815F and LS1018, helping potential buyers and enthusiasts make a more informed decision.

Overview Of Makita Ls0815F And Ls1018 Models

Makita ls1018
Makita ls1018miter saw

In this article, I will compare two popular miter saw models from Makita, the LS0815F and LS1018, to help you determine which one best suits your needs.

Specifications & Features

Bevel range 45 degree
Cross-cut cutting capacity

Motor Power


Equipped with a 10.5 AMP direct-drive motor


Comes with a 13 AMP direct-drive motor

Blade Size


Uses an 8-1/2 inch blade


Features a 10-inch blade

Cutting Capacity


Offers a maximum crosscut of 12 inches at 90 degrees


Provides a maximum crosscut of 12 inches at 90 degrees, but with an increased depth of cut

Bevel And Miter Angles


Single bevel with a range of 0-45 degrees and miter range of 0-50 degrees (left) and 0-60 degrees (right)

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Dual bevel with a range of 0-45 degrees (left and right) and miter range of 0-47 degrees (left) and 0-60 degrees (right)

Weight And Portability


Weighs 31.1 lbs, making it easier to transport


Weighs 43.7 lbs, which is heavier but still manageable for transportation

Laser Guide System


No built-in laser guide system


Includes a built-in laser guide system for improved accuracy

Dust Collection Efficiency


Efficient dust collection with a bag and port


Comparable dust collection efficiency, also featuring a bag and port

Build Quality & Durability

Materials And Construction


Built with a sturdy aluminum base and high-quality components


Also features a durable aluminum base and robust components

User Experiences And Longevity


Generally, users report satisfaction with the build quality and long-lasting performance


Similar positive feedback regarding durability and long-term use

Performance Comparison

Precision Cutting


Delivers accurate cuts with smooth operation


Offers equally precise cuts with the added benefit of a laser guide system

Power And Speed


The 10.5 AMP motor provides sufficient power for most tasks


The 13 AMP motor offers increased power and speed for more demanding projects

Versatility In Different Materials


Capable of cutting various materials, but limited by its blade size and motor power


More versatile due to its larger blade and more powerful motor, enabling it to handle a wider range of materials and applications

Detailed Comparison And Difference Table

Laser guide
Built-in Laser guide
Feature Makita LS0815F Makita LS1018
Motor Power 10.5 AMP direct-drive motor 13 AMP direct-drive motor
Blade Size 8-1/2 inch 10 inch
Cutting Capacity Maximum crosscut of 12 inches at 90 degrees Increased depth of cut at 12 inches at 90 degrees
Bevel and Miter Angles Single bevel, miter range of 0-50 degrees (left) and 0-60 degrees (right) Dual bevel, miter range of 0-47 degrees (left) and 0-60 degrees (right)
Weight and Portability 31.1 lbs 43.7 lbs
Laser Guide System Not available Built-in laser guide system
Dust Collection Efficiency Efficient dust collection with bag and port Comparable efficiency with bag and port
Price More affordable Higher price due to advanced features
Best for Home users and DIY enthusiasts Professionals and heavy-duty usage


Ease Of Use

Makita LS0851F
Makita LS0851F easy to use

User-Friendly Features


Offers easy adjustments, a comfortable grip, and intuitive controls


Similar user-friendly features with the added convenience of the laser guide system

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Adjustability And Convenience


Easy to adjust bevel and miter angles, with positive stops for quick changes


Offers dual bevel adjustment, providing more flexibility in cutting angles, and also features positive stops

Price And Value

Cost Comparison


Generally more affordable, making it suitable for budget-conscious buyers


Priced higher due to its advanced features and increased power

Warranty And Customer Support


Comes with a 1-year limited warranty and reliable customer support


Also includes a 1-year limited warranty and dependable customer service

User Reviews And Testimonials

Pros And Cons


  • Pros: Lightweight, affordable, accurate cuts, easy to use
  • Cons: Limited cutting capacity, no laser guide, lower power motor


  • Pros: Increased cutting capacity, laser guide system, more powerful motor, dual bevel feature
  • Cons: Higher price, heavier weight

Real-Life User Experiences


Users appreciate the portability, accuracy, and value for money


Many users praise its power, versatility, and precision, but note the higher price

Recommendations And Best Use Cases

Best For Home Users And Diy Enthusiasts

The LS0815F is a suitable choice for those looking for an affordable and portable miter saw with accurate cutting capabilities.

Best For Professionals And Heavy-Duty Usage

The LS1018 is more appropriate for professional users who require increased power, cutting capacity, and additional features like the dual bevel and laser guide system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Maintain And Care For My Makita Miter Saw?

Regularly clean and inspect your miter saw, lubricate moving parts as needed, check the blade for wear or damage, and replace parts as required.

Are Replacement Parts Readily Available For Both Models?

Yes, Makita offers replacement parts and accessories for both the LS0815F and LS1018 models.

Can I Use Other Brands’ Blades On The Makita Ls0815F And Ls1018?

As long as the blade size and arbor match the specifications of the respective miter saw, you can use other brands’ blades.

How Do The Makita Ls0815F And Ls1018 Compare To Other Popular Miter Saws In The Market?

Both models offer competitive performance, build quality, and ease of use compared to other miter saws in their respective price ranges.

Is There A Significant Learning Curve To Using These Miter Saws For Beginners?

Both the LS0815F and LS1018 are designed with user-friendly features, making them suitable for beginners. However, it is essential to read the user manual and follow safety precautions when using any power tool for the first time. With practice, users will become more comfortable and proficient with their miter saw.

Summary And Final Verdict

In conclusion, both the Makita LS0815F and LS1018 miter saws have their advantages and limitations. The LS0815F is a more budget-friendly and portable option, while the LS1018 offers increased power and cutting versatility. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

Key Takeaways

  • The Makita LS0815F is a more affordable and lightweight option, ideal for home users and DIY enthusiasts who need a portable miter saw for accurate cuts.
  • The Makita LS1018 offers increased power, cutting capacity, and additional features like a laser guide system and dual bevel, making it suitable for professionals and heavy-duty applications.
  • Both models have a sturdy build quality, and users generally report satisfaction with their long-lasting performance.
  • The right choice between the LS0815F and LS1018 depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

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