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When it comes to woodworking and construction, choosing the right miter saw is crucial for achieving professional results. In this article, I’ll be comparing two popular miter saw models: the DeWalt DWS779 and the Ryobi TSS120L. I’ll dive deep into their features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision.

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Dewalt DWS779 Overview

Dewalt DWS779 sliding option
Dewalt DWS779 sliding option

Brief history of Dewalt and its reputation

DeWalt is a well-known American brand with a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality power tools. Established in 1924, DeWalt has become synonymous with reliability and performance.

Key features of the DWS779

The DeWalt DWS779 is a 12-inch sliding compound miter saw with numerous features, including:

  • 15-amp motor
  • Dual horizontal steel rails
  • Integrated XPS cross-cut positioning system
  • Tall sliding fences

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful motor
  • Precise cuts
  • Good dust collection
  • Durable construction


  • Heavier than some competitors
  • No laser guide included

Ryobi TSS120L Overview

Ryobi TSS120L miter saw sliding miter fence
Ryobi TSS120L miter saw sliding miter fence

Brief history of Ryobi and its reputation

Ryobi is a Japanese brand that has been manufacturing power tools since 1943. Known for their innovation and affordability, Ryobi tools are popular among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Key features of the TSS120L

The Ryobi TSS120L is a 12-inch sliding compound miter saw with a range of features, such as:

  • 15-amp motor
  • Electric brake for quick stopping
  • Laser guide for accurate cutting
  • Extended miter range

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price point
  • Laser guide included
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Less durable than some competitors
  • Dust collection could be better

Accessories And Add-Ons

Popular accessories for the DWS779

Some useful accessories for the DeWalt DWS779 include:

  • Stand for added stability
  • Replacement blades
  • Crown molding stops
  • Clamp for securing workpieces

Popular accessories for the TSS120L

Some popular accessories for the Ryobi TSS120L are:

  • Stand for added support
  • Replacement blades
  • Extension wings for wider workpieces
  • Clamp for securing materials

Enhancing your miter saw experience

Investing in accessories and add-ons can improve the functionality and versatility of your miter saw, allowing you to tackle a wider range of projects.

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Practical Tips For Using Your Miter Saw

Ryobi TSS120L miter saw bevel cuts
Ryobi TSS120L miter saw bevel cuts

Ensuring proper setup

  • Set up your miter saw on a stable, level surface
  • Check that all components are securely tightened
  • Adjust the bevel and miter angles according to your project requirements

Safety precautions

  • Always wear appropriate protective gear (safety glasses, ear protection, etc.)
  • Keep hands clear of the blade
  • Never force the saw through the material; let the blade cut at its own pace

Achieving clean, precise cuts

  • Use a sharp, high-quality blade appropriate for the material being cut
  • Make sure the material is securely clamped in place
  • Let the blade reach full speed before starting the cut

Comparison Table Of Dewalt Dws779 Vs Ryobi Tss120L

Feature DeWalt DWS779 Ryobi TSS120L
Cutting Capacity Up to 6.75″ vertical Up to 4″ vertical
Up to 13.75″ horizontal Up to 12″ horizontal
Miter Range 50° left, 60° right 50° left, 50° right
Bevel Range 49° left and right 45° left and right
Blade Size 12 inches 12 inches
Weight 56 pounds 43 pounds
Laser Guide Not included Included
Dust Collection Efficiency Effective Less effective
Durability and Build Quality Heavy-duty materials Lighter materials
Price Typically higher More affordable
Warranty 3-year limited warranty 3-year limited warranty
1-year free service
90-day money-back guarantee
Portability Built-in carrying handle Built-in carrying handle
Safety Features Blade guard Transparent blade guard
Electric brake Electric brake
Lock-off switch Lock-off switch

Cutting Capacity

DWS779 cutting capacity

The DeWalt DWS779 has an impressive cutting capacity:

  • Max crosscut: 2×14 inches at 90 degrees
  • Max bevel cut: 2×10 inches at 45 degrees

TSS120L cutting capacity

The Ryobi TSS120L also offers a good cutting capacity:

  • Max crosscut: 2×12 inches at 90 degrees
  • Max bevel cut: 2×8 inches at 45 degrees

Comparison and practical implications

The DeWalt DWS779 has a larger cutting capacity, which can be advantageous for larger projects. However, the Ryobi TSS120L still provides sufficient capacity for most tasks.

Motor Power

DWS779 motor specifications

The DeWalt DWS779 features a 15-amp motor with a no-load speed of 3,800 RPM.

TSS120L motor specifications

The Ryobi TSS120L also has a 15-amp motor but with a slightly lower no-load speed of 3,600 RPM.

Motor power comparison and impact on performance

Both miter saws have powerful motors, but the DeWalt DWS779’s higher RPM may provide slightly smoother cuts. However, the difference is minimal and likely unnoticeable for most users.

Blade Size and Type

DWS779 blade compatibility

The DeWalt DWS779 is compatible with 12-inch blades with a 1-inch arbor. It can accommodate a variety of blade types, including carbide-tipped and high-speed steel blades.

TSS120L blade compatibility

The Ryobi TSS120L also accepts 12-inch blades with a 1-inch arbor, allowing for similar versatility in blade choice.

Choosing the right blade for your needs

Selecting the appropriate blade for your project is crucial for achieving clean, precise cuts. Factors to consider include:

  • Material to be cut
  • Desired cut quality
  • Blade durability
  • Cost

Weight And Portability

DWS779 weight and portability features

The DeWalt DWS779 weighs approximately 56 pounds. While this is heavier than some competitors, it features a built-in carrying handle for easier transport.

TSS120L weight and portability features

The Ryobi TSS120L is lighter, weighing around 43 pounds. It also includes a carrying handle, making it a more portable option.

Which miter saw is easier to transport and maneuver?

While both miter saws have carrying handles, the Ryobi TSS120L’s lighter weight makes it the more portable option.

DurabIlity And Build Quality

Comparing DWS779 construction and materials

The DeWalt DWS779 is built with heavy-duty materials, such as cast aluminum and steel. Its robust construction contributes to its durability and long-lasting performance.

Comparing TSS120L construction and materials

The Ryobi TSS120L is built with lighter materials, which contributes to its portability. However, this may also result in a less durable and less rigid construction compared to the DeWalt DWS779.

Which miter saw is built to last?

While both miter saws are designed for longevity, the DeWalt DWS779’s sturdier construction may result in a longer lifespan and better resistance to wear and tear.

Safety Features

Lock button
Lock button

DWS779 safety mechanisms

The DeWalt DWS779 includes several safety features, such as:

  • Blade guard for protection during use
  • Electric brake for rapid stopping
  • Lock-off switch to prevent accidental starting
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TSS120L safety mechanisms

The Ryobi TSS120L also offers safety features, including:

  • Transparent blade guard for visibility and protection
  • Electric brake for quick stopping
  • Lock-off switch to prevent unintentional starting

Ensuring safe operation for both models

Both miter saws provide essential safety features, making them suitable for safe operation. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear during use.

Dust Collection Efficiency

DWS779 dust collection system

The DeWalt DWS779 features a dust collection system with a bag and a vacuum port. Users report that the system effectively captures a significant amount of dust.

TSS120L dust collection system

The Ryobi TSS120L also has a dust collection system with a bag and a vacuum port. However, user feedback suggests that its dust collection capabilities may not be as efficient as the DWS779’s.

Comparing dust management capabilities

The DeWalt DWS779 appears to have a more effective dust collection system, which can help maintain a cleaner workspace and reduce cleanup time.

PriCe And Value For Money

DWS779 price and what you get

The DeWalt DWS779 is typically priced higher than the Ryobi TSS120L, but its robust construction, greater cutting capacity, and more effective dust collection system may justify the increased cost for some users.

TSS120L price and what you get

The Ryobi TSS120L is generally more affordable, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. It still offers plenty of useful features, including a laser guide and a lighter weight for portability.

Determining which miter saw offers better value

The DeWalt DWS779 may offer better value for users who prioritize durability, cutting capacity, and dust collection efficiency. On the other hand, the Ryobi TSS120L may be a better value for those seeking a more affordable, portable option with a laser guide included.

Warranty And Customer Support

DWS779 warranty and support options

The DeWalt DWS779 comes with a 3-year limited warranty, covering defects in material and workmanship. DeWalt also offers a 1-year free service contract and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

TSS120L warranty and support options

The Ryobi TSS120L includes a 3-year limited warranty as well, covering defects in materials and workmanship. Ryobi is known for its responsive customer support.

Comparing after-sales services

Both miter saws provide similar warranty coverage and customer support, ensuring peace of mind for buyers.

Maintenance And Care

Cleaning and lubrication

  • Regularly clean your miter saw to remove dust and debris
  • Lubricate moving parts as recommended in the user manual
  • Inspect the blade for damage and replace it if necessary

Blade alignment and calibration

  • Periodically check the blade for proper alignment and squareness
  • Calibrate the miter and bevel angles as needed to maintain accuracy

Ensuring your miter saw stays in top condition

  • Store your miter saw in a dry, protected location when not in use
  • Check the power cord and plug for damage and replace if necessary
  • Keep the blade guard and safety features in good working order

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Addressing common problems with the DWS779

  • Inaccurate cuts: Check blade alignment, miter, and bevel settings
  • Excessive vibration: Inspect the blade for damage or imbalance
  • Motor not starting: Verify that the power cord is connected and the lock-off switch is disengaged

Addressing common problems with the TSS120L

  • Laser guide not functioning: Replace batteries or check for proper alignment
  • Difficulty adjusting angles: Lubricate moving parts and check for debris
  • Inadequate dust collection: Ensure the dust bag is properly attached or connect a shop vacuum

When to consult a professional for repairs

If your miter saw is still experiencing issues after attempting basic troubleshooting, it may be necessary to consult a professional technician or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Making the Decision: Which Miter Saw is Right for You?

Assessing your specific needs and preferences

Consider factors such as:

  • Cutting capacity requirements
  • Portability and weight preferences
  • Budget constraints
  • Importance of durability and build quality

Weighing the pros and cons of each model

Keep in mind the key differences between the DeWalt DWS779 and Ryobi TSS120L, such as cutting capacity, weight, durability, and price.

Final recommendations and guidance

The DeWalt DWS779 is a solid choice for those who prioritize durability, cutting capacity, and dust collection efficiency, while the Ryobi TSS120L may be more suitable for budget-conscious buyers or those seeking a lighter, more portable option with an included laser guide.

User Reviews and Feedback

DWS779 user experiences

Users of the DeWalt DWS779 generally report high satisfaction, praising its power, precision, and durability. Some users, however, mention the lack of a laser guide as a drawback.

TSS120L user experiences

Ryobi TSS120L users also report positive experiences, appreciating its affordability, portability, and the included laser guide. Some users note concerns about the dust collection system’s efficiency and the tool’s overall durability.

Summarizing the consensus

Both miter saws receive largely positive reviews, with users valuing the DeWalt DWS779 for its power and durability and the Ryobi TSS120L for its affordability and portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A Different Brand’S Blade On My Miter Saw?

Yes, as long as the blade is compatible with your miter saw’s specifications (size, arbor, etc.), you can use a different brand’s blade.

Are There Any Significant Differences In Noise Levels Between The Two Models?

Both miter saws produce similar noise levels during operation. However, actual noise levels can vary depending on factors such as blade type and cutting material.

Is It Possible To Upgrade The Dust Collection System On Either Miter Saw?

Yes, you can attach a shop vacuum or dust extractor to either miter saw’s vacuum port to improve dust collection efficiency.

Which Miter Saw Is More Suitable For Beginners?

Both miter saws are suitable for beginners, but the Ryobi TSS120L’s lighter weight, affordability, and included laser guide may make it a more beginner-friendly option.

Can These Miter Saws Cut Through Metal?

While both miter saws are primarily designed for cutting wood, they can cut through non-ferrous metals like aluminum with the appropriate blade. However, for regular metal cutting, a dedicated metal-cutting saw is recommended.


In summary, the DeWalt DWS779 excels in durability, cutting capacity, and dust collection efficiency, while the Ryobi TSS120L stands out for its affordability, portability, and included laser guide. Selecting the appropriate miter saw is essential for achieving professional-quality results in your woodworking and construction projects. Carefully consider your specific requirements and preferences before making a decision.

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