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The Dewalt DW716 is a reliable and robust miter saw, boasting a powerful 15-amp motor and a double bevel design for precise cutting. On the other hand, the DWS716 is an updated version, featuring the XPS crosscut positioning system for enhanced accuracy and ease of use. Both models deliver exceptional performance and durability, making them popular choices among woodworkers. Understanding their individual features and how they align with user needs is crucial for making an informed purchasing decision.

Dewalt DW716

Dewalt DW716
Dewalt DW716

The DeWalt DW716 is a high-performance, 15-amp, 12-inch double-bevel compound miter saw that delivers precision and power to both professional and DIY users. This versatile saw is designed to handle a wide range of cutting tasks, making it the perfect addition to any workshop.

Key Features Of The DeWalt DW716 Miter Saw

1. Powerful 15-Amp Motor:

The DeWalt DW716 features a powerful 15-amp motor capable of generating up to 3,800 RPM (rotations per minute). This robust motor allows the saw to make quick, clean cuts through various materials, including hardwood, softwood, and even metal with the appropriate blade.

2. Double-Bevel Compound Design:

The double-bevel compound design of the DW716 enables users to make bevel cuts in both left and right directions without the need to flip the workpiece. This feature significantly increases efficiency and accuracy, especially when cutting complex angles for crown molding or other intricate projects.

3. Tall Sliding Fences:

The DeWalt DW716 is equipped with tall sliding fences that provide support and stability for large workpieces. The fences can slide out of the way when making bevel cuts, ensuring smooth operation and allowing for a maximum vertical cutting capacity of 6-1/2 inches.

4. Adjustable Stainless Steel Miter Detent Plate:

The DW716’s stainless steel miter detent plate features 11 positive stops, allowing for quick and accurate miter angle adjustments. The easy-to-read miter scale, coupled with the miter detent override feature, enables users to make precise angle cuts without the need for additional tools.

5. Easy-to-Access Bevel Controls:

The bevel controls on the DeWalt DW716 are conveniently located on the front of the saw, making them easily accessible and eliminating the need to reach behind the saw during operation. This design ensures greater safety and ease of use while making bevel adjustments.

6. Compact and Portable Design:

Dewalt DW716 features
Portable design

Weighing in at just 44 pounds, the compact and portable design of the DeWalt DW716 makes it easy to transport from one job site to another. The built-in carry handle ensures comfortable and secure transportation, while the lightweight design minimizes user fatigue during extended use.

7. Electric Brake:

The DeWalt DW716 features an electric brake that quickly stops the blade once the trigger is released. This safety feature not only helps prevent accidents but also allows for faster repetitive cuts, improving overall productivity.

Specifications Of Dewalt DW716

  • Blade diameter: 12 inches
  • Amps: 15 amps
  • No-load speed: 3,800 RPM
  • Arbor size: 5/8 inch
  • Miter capacity: 0-50 degrees left and right
  • Bevel capacity: 0-48 degrees left and right
  • Cross-cut capacity at 90 degrees: 2 x 8 inches
  • Cross-cut capacity at 45 degrees: 2 x 6 inches
  • Max. cutting capacity at 45-degree bevel: 2 x 8 inches
  • Tool weight: 44 pounds

Applications Of The DeWalt DW716 Miter Saw

The DeWalt DW716 miter saw is perfect for a wide range of cutting tasks, including:

  • Framing: The powerful motor and precise cutting capabilities of the DW716 make it ideal for framing projects, such as cutting studs, joists, and rafters.
  • Crown Molding: The double-bevel compound design and tall sliding fences allow for accurate and efficient cutting of crown molding, baseboards, and other trim work.
  • Crosscutting: The DW716 excels at crosscutting tasks, making it perfect for cutting boards to length or slicing through sheet materials.
  • Bevel Cuts: The saw’s dual-bevel capabilities enable users to make precise bevel cuts for projects like custom furniture or cabinetry.

Accessories And Add-Ons For The DeWalt DW716 Miter Saw

Enhance the performance and versatility of your DeWalt DW716 miter saw with these accessories and add-ons:

  • Miter saw stand: A sturdy miter saw stand provides a stable work surface and improves accuracy during cutting tasks.
  • Dust collection system: Connect a dust collection system to the saw’s dust port to minimize airborne dust particles and maintain a clean work environment.
  • Clamps: Use clamps to secure the workpiece in place during cutting, ensuring accuracy and safety.
  • Extension wings: Add extension wings to the saw’s table to provide additional support for larger workpieces.

Dewalt DWS716

Dewalt DWS716
Dewalt DWS716 Miter Saw

The Dewalt DWS716 is a highly sought-after miter saw, known for its durability, precision, and power. This versatile tool is a must-have for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts alike. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features, benefits, and specifications of the Dewalt DWS716 to help you make an informed decision.

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Key Features of the Dewalt DWS716

Powerful Motor:

The Dewalt DWS716 comes equipped with a 15-amp, 3,800 RPM motor, offering ample power and speed for a wide range of cutting applications. This impressive motor ensures that you can tackle even the toughest materials with ease.

Double-Bevel Design:

The double-bevel design of the Dewalt DWS716 allows for easy angle adjustments and precise cuts. With a bevel range of 0 to 48 degrees, it provides flexibility for crown molding, baseboards, and other intricate woodworking tasks.

Crosscut Capacity:

The Dewalt DWS716 boasts an impressive crosscut capacity, allowing you to cut up to 2×8 inches of lumber at 90 degrees and 2×6 inches at 45 degrees. This generous capacity ensures that you can tackle a wide range of projects with ease.

Adjustable Stainless Steel Miter Detent Plate:

Featuring an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate, the Dewalt DWS716 ensures that you can make accurate and repeatable cuts. With 14 positive stops, it allows for quick and easy adjustments for increased efficiency.

Tall Sliding Fences:

The tall sliding fences on the Dewalt DWS716 provide support for larger materials, ensuring that your cuts remain precise and accurate. These fences can be easily adjusted to accommodate various material sizes and types.

Specifications of the Dewalt DWS716

  • Motor: 15-amp, 3,800 RPM
  • Bevel range: 0 to 48 degrees
  • Crosscut capacity: 2×8 inches at 90 degrees, 2×6 inches at 45 degrees
  • Miter detent plate: Adjustable stainless steel with 14 positive stops
  • Tall sliding fences: Easily adjustable for larger materials
  • Weight: 49 pounds

Accessories And Add-Ons For The Dewalt DWS716

Dewalt DWs716 Stand
Dewalt DWS716 miter saw portable stand

To further enhance the capabilities of your Dewalt DWS716, consider investing in additional accessories and add-ons:

  • Miter saw stand: A miter saw stand provides a stable and portable workspace for your Dewalt DWS716. Look for a stand that is compatible with your saw and offers adjustable support arms for different material lengths.
  • Crown molding stops: These specialized stops can help you achieve precise cuts when working with crown molding or other intricate trim pieces.
  • Dust collection system: A dust collection system can help keep your workspace clean and minimize the amount of airborne particles, leading to a healthier work environment.
  • Blade guard: A blade guard can provide additional protection from injury by covering the blade when it is not in use.

By investing in these accessories and following proper maintenance and safety procedures, you can ensure that your Dewalt DWS716 remains a valuable and reliable tool for years to come.

Head-To-Head Comparison & Difference: Dewalt DW716 vs DWS716

Comparison Table: Dewalt DW716 vs DWS716

Feature Dewalt DW716 DWS716
Motor Power 15 Amp 15 Amp
No Load Speed 3,800 RPM 3,800 RPM
Blade Size 12-inch 12-inch
Miter Range 0-50° left & right 0-50° left & right
Bevel Range 0-48° left & 0-3° right 0-48° left & 0-48° right
Miter Stops 11 14
Crosscut Capacity (at 90°) 2×8-inch or 4×6-inch 2×8-inch or 4×6-inch
Vertical Capacity (Baseboard) 6.5-inch 6.5-inch
Vertical Capacity (Crown) 6-5/8-inch 6-5/8-inch
Weight 44 lbs 49 lbs
Integrated XPS Cutline System No Yes
Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty


Features Comparison

Motor and Power:

Both the DW716 and DWS716 are equipped with powerful 15-amp motors that deliver no-load speeds of up to 3,800 RPM. This power ensures clean and precise cuts on various materials, such as wood, plastic, and aluminum.

Blade Size and Cutting Capacity:

Both miter saws come with a 12-inch blade size, suitable for cutting larger materials. The DWS716 has a slightly larger cutting capacity than the DW716, allowing for more complex and demanding cuts.

Bevel and Miter Angles:

The DW716 and DWS716 feature dual bevel capabilities, allowing for bevel cuts on both the left and right sides. Both models have miter ranges of 0-50 degrees on the left and 0-60 degrees on the right.

XPS LED Cutline System:

The DWS716 boasts the innovative XPS LED cutline system, providing a bright and accurate cutline without the need for manual adjustments. The DW716 lacks this feature.

Weight and Portability:

The DWS716 is slightly heavier than its predecessor, weighing in at 49 pounds compared to the DW716’s 44 pounds. This may affect the portability and ease of movement for some users.

Difference Table: Dewalt DW716 vs DWS716

Difference Dewalt DW716 DWS716
Bevel Range (Right) 0-3° 0-48°
Miter Stops 11 14
Weight 44 lbs 49 lbs
Integrated XPS Cutline System No Yes

The main differences between the Dewalt DW716 and DWS716 miter saws are the bevel range, number of miter stops, weight, and the inclusion of the integrated XPS cutline system. While both models have the same motor power, blade size, and miter range, the DWS716 has a wider bevel range to the right, more miter stops, an integrated XPS cutline system, and is slightly heavier than the DW716.

Pros & Cons Dewalt DW716 & DWS716

Dewalt DW716


  • Precision: The Dewalt DW716 is capable of making precise cuts thanks to its dual bevel system that allows you to make bevel cuts in both directions.
  • Power: With its 15-amp motor, the Dewalt DW716 is powerful enough to handle tough jobs with ease.
  • Durability: This saw is built to last, with a solid construction that can withstand heavy use.
  • Portability: Despite its heavy-duty build, the Dewalt DW716 is surprisingly portable and can be easily moved from one job site to another.


  • Price: The Dewalt DW716 is more expensive than some other miter saws on the market, which may not be ideal for those on a tight budget.
  • Size: The 12-inch blade may not be suitable for larger projects, and the saw itself may be too bulky for some users.

Dewalt DWS716

The Dewalt DWS716 is another popular option that is often compared to the DW716. This saw is also a 12-inch dual-bevel compound miter saw, but it comes with a few different features. Here are the pros and cons of the Dewalt DWS716:

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  • Accuracy: The Dewalt DWS716 is designed to provide accurate cuts every time, thanks to its adjustable miter detent plate.
  • Lightweight: Despite its solid construction, the Dewalt DWS716 is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to transport from one job site to another.
  • Versatility: This saw is capable of making both bevel and compound cuts, giving you more options when it comes to your woodworking projects.


  • Price: The Dewalt DWS716 is also more expensive than some other miter saws on the market, which may not be ideal for those on a tight budget.
  • Dust collection: The dust collection system on the Dewalt DWS716 is not as effective as some other saws in its class.

Understanding Technical Definitions

Miter saws are an essential tool for any woodworker, carpenter, or DIY enthusiast. Understanding the technical terms of a miter saw can help you choose the right tool for your needs. In this article, we will define some of the most important technical terms of a miter saw.

Blade Size:

The blade size refers to the diameter of the blade on a miter saw. The most common blade size for a miter saw is 10 or 12 inches. The blade size determines the maximum width and depth of the material that the saw can cut.

Bevel Range:

The bevel range refers to the angle at which the saw blade can tilt to make bevel cuts. A bevel cut is a cut made at an angle other than 90 degrees. The bevel range is usually measured in degrees, and a dual bevel saw can tilt in both directions.

Miter Range:

The miter range refers to the angle at which the saw blade can tilt to make miter cuts. A miter cut is a cut made at an angle other than 0 degrees. The miter range is usually measured in degrees, and a dual bevel saw can tilt in both directions.

Crosscut Capacity (at 90°):

The crosscut capacity at 90 degrees refers to the maximum width of the material that the saw can cut when the blade is set at a 90-degree angle to the material.

Crosscut Capacity (at 45°):

The crosscut capacity at 45 degrees refers to the maximum width of the material that the saw can cut when the blade is set at a 45-degree angle to the material.

No Load Speed:

The no-load speed refers to the speed of the saw blade when it is spinning freely without any resistance. The no-load speed is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM) and can vary depending on the saw.

Miter Stops:

The miter stops are preset angles on the saw that allow you to quickly and easily set the blade at specific angles. Miter stops can be found on the miter gauge and can be adjusted to the desired angle.

Integrated XPS Cutline System:

The Integrated XPS Cutline System is a feature on some miter saws that projects a laser line onto the material being cut. This laser line helps you make precise cuts by providing a clear and visible guide for the blade.

Maintenance And Safety Tips For DW716 & DWS716

To ensure the longevity and safety of your Dewalt DWS716, it’s important to follow proper maintenance and safety procedures:

  • Regularly clean the miter saw: Keep the saw clean by removing dust, debris, and any build-up of resin from the blade and other components. This will help ensure smooth operation and prevent overheating.
  • Inspect the blade: Check the blade for signs of wear or damage before each use. Replace the blade if it is dull or damaged to ensure clean, precise cuts.
  • Check for loose parts: Periodically inspect the miter saw for loose screws, bolts, or other components. Tighten any loose parts to maintain stability and safety during operation.
  • Wear appropriate safety gear: Always wear safety goggles, hearing protection, and a dust mask when operating the Dewalt DWS716 to protect yourself from injury.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines: Always follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by Dewalt in the user manual to ensure the safe and proper operation of your miter saw.


Can Both Saws Be Used With A Stand?

Yes, both the DW716 and DWS716 can be mounted on a compatible miter saw stand.

Does DWS716 Have A Depth Stop?

No, the Dewalt DWS716 does not have a depth stop.

What Size Is DWS716?

The Dewalt DWS716 is a 12-inch double-bevel compound miter saw.

Does Dewalt DWS716 Have A Light?

Yes, the Dewalt DWS716 features an integrated XPS cross-cut positioning system that provides an LED light to cast a shadow of the blade onto the work surface, making it easier to align and cut the material.

What is Dewalt XPS Technology?

Dewalt XPS technology is an innovative feature that uses a bright LED light to cast a shadow of the saw blade onto the work surface, creating a precise cutline without the need for additional marking or measurements.

How Do You Change The Blade On A Dewalt DWS716?

To change the blade on a Dewalt DWS716, you need to unplug the saw, loosen the blade bolt using a wrench, remove the blade guard and blade, and then install the new blade by reversing the steps.

What’s A Compound Miter Saw?

A compound miter saw is a power tool that allows you to make accurate angled cuts on two planes: the miter (horizontal) and bevel (vertical) planes. This makes it an ideal tool for cutting crown molding, baseboards, and other trim materials.

How Many Years Do Dewalt Batteries Last?

The lifespan of a DEWALT battery depends on factors such as usage, storage, and charging habits. However, DEWALT batteries typically last between 3 to 5 years.

How do I claim my DEWALT battery for free?

DEWALT occasionally offers promotions that include a free battery with the purchase of select tools. To claim your free battery, you need to follow the instructions provided by DEWALT, which typically involve registering your purchase and providing proof of eligibility.

Can I Use The Same Blades For Both The DW716 And DWS716?

Yes, both miter saws utilize 12-inch blades, so they are interchangeable.

Is The Dust Collection System Better On The DWS716 Compared To The DW716?

While the DWS716 has improved dust collection efficiency, it’s still not perfect. Investing in a separate vacuum or dust collection system is recommended for both models.

Can I Upgrade My DW716 To Have The XPS Led Cutline System?

Unfortunately, the XPS LED cutline system is not compatible with the DW716.


Both the DeWalt DW716 and DWS716 are high-quality miter saws suitable for various cutting tasks. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize a lighter saw and don’t require the XPS LED cutline system, the DW716 may be the better choice. However, if cutting capacity and the convenience of the XPS LED cutline system are important factors for you, the DWS716 is a more suitable option.

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